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About the Products

1.Why is the price so cheap?  
In order to save cost, the sideline of the body is not polished, please note.

2.How long does it take to ship?
The in-stock items will basically be sent out within two weeks, and the pre-sale items will be sent out within 60 working days.
3.Do you have other skin colors?
Now there are only normal skin (close to SNG normal) and white skin (close to SNG white), and other skin colors will be launched one after another.
4.Which courier to use for delivery?
Since international shipping is usually expensive, please tell us which country you live in before placing an order, and we will help you find the most suitable courier company.
If you have a familiar Chinese freight forwarding company, we can also mail to them.
5.What situations are not in the scope of after-sales?
Small black spots and impurities, side lines on the body, etc. are all normal phenomena produced in the production of handcrafts.

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